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Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world, and for good reason – it’s a fun, high-energy, competitive sport that bonds teammates and brings communities together. But funding a great soccer team adequately can be a challenge. New uniforms and high quality equipment can prepare your soccer team for a winning season; money for sporting fees, competitions and travelling can open up new opportunities and encourage excellence. A soccer fundraiser is often seen as an unavoidable necessity – something the team needs, but is reluctant to do. That makes sense, since finding the right soccer fundraiser for your team, with a product that the community wants to buy, and getting your players to participate can be such a challenge. Fortunately, Good Clean Fundraising is here to help!

At Good Clean Fundraising, we’ve looked at what teams want and need in a soccer fundraiser, and we’ve developed a foolproof fundraising campaign that scores on every level. This fresh, innovative soccer fundraiser offers top quality liquid laundry detergent in a convenient 5 gallon bucket with a pump for easy dispensing. This enables Good Clean Fundraising to offer wholesale pricing and higher returns to the team. Supporters will enjoy savings of up to fifty percent over their regular laundry detergent purchases, and your team will benefit from an infusion of funds to cover expenses.

Our Soccer Fundraiser is Different

From our product to our comprehensive support, Good Clean Fundraising is different – in fact, we believe it’s one of our greatest strengths. Most fundraising campaigns offer sweets or knick knacks that no one actually needs. In addition, they’re often marked up to several times the regular price, and not all of that added money goes to your soccer fundraiser. Friends, families and coworkers shouldn’t have to sacrifice common sense to support the team. And we make sure your team receives a bigger percentage of the sales profits than many companies offer, so you can reach your goals faster. We believe that a truly successful fundraiser should be a winning situation for everyone involved. That’s the reason that we offer a value priced necessity – something that everyone you know will be buying, at a substantial savings over simply going to the store.

Our Soccer Fundraiser Is Better

How does Good Clean Fundraising offer a better soccer fundraiser for your team? We took a careful look at other commonly used fundraisers around the country, including what teams liked about them – and what they didn’t. Then we developed something better. Products that are hard to sell mean lower sales and less funds for your soccer fundraiser; our premium liquid laundry detergent is an everyday household need that’s priced to save money for supporters. It’s a common sense purchase for friends and family, which can make the entire fundraiser run more smoothly. Just how much will people save when they buy from you? Our 5 gallon buckets of liquid laundry soap cost around $45.00, or approximately $.07 an ounce. When purchased in store, the average cost for liquid laundry detergent is around $.13 to $.15 an ounce. That means your fundraiser can save friends and family up to 50% over standard pricing!

Our fundraiser also ensures that a higher percentage of the profit margin goes right back into your program. This makes it easier than ever before to reach the goals you’ve set for your soccer fundraiser. Small groups can (and have) made $5,000.00 plus in a few weeks’ time, and larger groups have seen funds in excess of $25,000. Helping soccer teams nationwide reach their goals and achieve their dreams is our passion!

To help ensure your team’s success, you will also have access to resources that can encourage participation, increase sales further and help with every stage of your soccer fundraiser. To get you started, we’ll provide your team with customized order forms featuring your team’s logo. Our knowledgeable staff will also assist you in the creation of a high impact social network campaign. A great social networking campaign can help spread the word, increase sales and get everyone excited about raising money for a great cause!

Start Your Soccer Fundraiser Today!

Getting started on your soccer fundraiser has never been easier! Simply contact a member of our friendly staff for more information on how Good Clean Fundraising can help your team meet all of its fundraising goals!


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