4 Ideas to Fund Your Sports Team

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular games. It is full of fun and excitement, and the audience loves to be a part of it. If you are the manager of a soccer team who wants to be part of the local soccer tournament, you may be having some thoughts about fundraising for your regular team-preparation related expenses.

You require funds for your soccer team for various including a team uniform, medical expenses, extra professional training, or match organization related expenses.  Here are some fundraising ideas for your sports team to get you what you seek:

Get a Web Page for the Team

In the world where everyone has a smartphone or a tablet or a personal computer, having a web page for your team is just the right start. The site may contain the details of the team manager, the team members, and the tournaments the team has played and won. Showcasing a collage of the celebration of match-wins leaves a very positive impact on the viewer.

You can even embed recorded videos of the matches on your website. An attractive team site has the potential to attract funds.


Don’t forget to mention a “Fund Us” Tab where the visitors can use their credit and debit cards and contribute money online.

Use Social Media to Grab Their Attention

Facebook is one the best platforms to start with. It gives you a platform to flaunt your team spirit, achievements, and a lot more. Moreover, social media lets you connect with existing team groups present on the platform. Put efforts to get close to like-minded people through Facebook and other social channels like Google+, Twitter, Tumblr etc.


Share the match-win photos, team songs and other exciting things to make your social presence appealing.

Email Marketing

Can you overlook a personal mail that carries a tempting invitation to visit a website? Chances are less if the subject copy is great. Facts suggest that people enjoy everything sports and email invitation can be a great way to trigger people’s reactions towards sports.

Most of the Fortune 500 companies encourage their employees to participate in sports. This implies that networking with the relevant people might result in fundraising. These companies spend billions of dollars in funding sports. Why not give it a shot?

Sell Something & Do It for a Cause

Almost every team has long used this traditional idea in their initial days. You can find some relevant product which is well-priced and try selling it in the event. Associating your sale with a cause will get you even better response.

Good clean fundraising has been providing fundraising ideas for sports teams, and your team can benefit from the inexpensive products we offer.

How To Raise Funds For Your Soccer Team?

Are you a member of a Soccer team? We understand how difficult it is to raise funds for a soccer team to continue playing. While Soccer is a super fun game, it really isn’t so fun when you lack funds. However, those days are gone, because you now have got a reliable Soccer fundraiser.

Here’s your guide to raising funds for a professional quality soccer team:

Not all Soccer Fundraisers are the same:

First things first! While choosing a Soccer fundraiser company, it is highly possible that you fall for false commitments made by numerous fundraising companies. They sell you overpriced products like candles and cookie dough.  Most of the times, these products are hard to sell for you further because they are not everyday essentials.

Choose the best Soccer Fundraiser:

Choosing the best Soccer Fundraiser isn’t that difficult. It makes sense to sell a quality product that every household is already purchasing. Once you check the product is a daily necessity, compare the market prices. To raise funds, you want to sell products with good margin. While some people will pay $3 for a candy bar that should cost $1….. a necessity item at half the store price is of better appeal to most families.

We, at Good Clean Fundraising, supply you with liquid laundry detergent in wholesale prices. This helps you sell your product easily because of the utter necessity of this product and the low price we offer.

Reach out to friends and family offline:

Once you choose your soccer fundraiser, have those selling make a list of people they want to contact. Soccer Fundraiser provides an order form that makes the ordering process simple and easy.

Leverage social media:

While selling offline is great, you should also leverage social media to spread the word about your fundraising program. Most people will be happy to buy your product to raise funds for your cause. You can also incentivize them by giving them free passes to your Soccer match.

Fundraising is a great way to mark your way towards success in Soccer. All you need to do is just be careful before choosing a fundraiser and be passionate once you have taken a plunge.

Good Clean Fundraising is an enthusiastic fundraising program. We don’t just supply you with inexpensive products, we also help you with the entire process online and offline.

Interested in raising funds? Here’s a complete guide on how it works.

Great Soccer Fundraiser Idea – Best Fundraising Program for Soccer Teams

The boys’ and girls’ youth soccer has been the largest participating soccer in the soccer class in the United States. The majority of children in the United States enjoy playing soccer more than other sports. It took the 3rd position as the most played sport by the high school girls, leaving behind the softball, and scooping the 4th position as the most played by the high school boys, as of 2012. This came after the United States had been declared the best country worldwide for taking part in the youth soccer in 2006. Out of the 3.9 million youths in America that were enlisted that year with the US Soccer, 1.6 million were girls as boys were 2.3 million. Soccer became the fastest growing sport among the top US sports. This was as a result of the rate at which the high school players rapidly increased from 1990 to 2010. Many youth sports organizations, as an extra sport apart from the American football, turned back to soccer, as both are now provided in the American high schools.

As a result of the increasing number of youths playing it, the word ‘soccer mom’ is now a term used in the American social and political way of speech to explain the category of women who have school age going kids, that live in the middle or the upper-middle types of houses. Besides the American only football, soccer was graded the second preferred sport by the Americans aged between 12 and 24. It was again ranked the 2nd most watched video sport countrywide after Madden, by the FIFA video game in 2011. Inasmuch as various organizations in the United States have come together and organized it locally, there are 3 major youth soccer organizations operating in the whole nation through the organizations that have merged together. The players in the American Youth Soccer Organization, who are aged between ages 4 and 19 are 600,000 and above. Those aged between 5 and 19 in the United States Youth Soccer Association are in excess of 3million, while the USL provides a number of youth leagues, plus the Super Y-League and the Super-20 League both of which have nearly 1000 teams and more than ten thousand players in the 13 to 20 age bracket.

Great Soccer Fundraising Program- Soccer Fundraiser is the best fundraiser idea for Soccer Teams many Non-profit organizations get financial support yearly from a financial endowment, which is an amount of money put into bring financial return. Even though the endowments may be brought about when a big reward is got from a person or a family, many a times as intended by the will, when death of a family member occurs, they are normally the outcomes of the several gifts after a while from varied sources. Non-profits organizations as well contribute finances by competing for the endowment. The financial endowments are issued by the governmental unit and Private owned charitable trusts to the non-profits for the advantages of all the parties to the business deal. A capital campaign is therefore when soccer fundraiser is carried out to raise a huge amount of money for construction or reward, and just keep the money away from the ones in use. Such campaigns normally persuade the donors to provide even more than what they do provide to tap the donors particularly the companies and the associations that would not always give. Usually, in capital campaign, a public appeal is introduced after the private phase.

Great Soccer Fundraiser Idea- in 2010, Soccer Fundraiser Program for Soccer Teams Charitable giving by companies is approximated to $15.29billion. It comprises of corporate endowments together with matching gifts and volunteer grants. 40% of Fortune 500 companies offer volunteer grants programs to employees as 65% offer matching gifts programs. Such are charitable giving programs brought about by corporations within which the company matches contributions made by workers to the suitable nonprofit organizations or issue grants to suitable nonprofit organizations as a way to identify and support worker volunteerism. Another way of raising money in Soccer Fundraiser is what is called Special events. These normally vary from the reserved dinners for the advantage of concerts to walkathons. As a means of raising funds, events are also used to enhance the organization’s maintenance and being able to be noticed. Events normally cheer giving and active participation by involving activities such as dances, entertainment or outing, or even engaging speakers. It also can comprise of the fundraising techniques like the charity auction or even raffle. Many a times, events are always characterized by the honoree and the prominent persons. As a program guide for the whole event, Events normally have the ‘ad book’, but most significantly, as other fundraiser giving followers, salespersons and associates to show their help to the group at the event by placing an ad-like page, 1/2 or 1/4 of it, showing help.

Events, as a way of Soccer Fundraiser and their related fundraisers can always give a group much income, donor associations as well as can make a group be noticed. There’s also a way of fundraising in which, apart from money being donated as an outright gift, it also can be made by selling particular goods of some type, that is known as product fundraising. For instance, in the United States of America, Girl Scouts normally sells cookies so as to make money. Seeing online impulse sales links to be taken by statements that a fraction of earnings will be headed to a certain charitable institution is normal. Normally, fundraising entails acknowledging the donor, such as adding donor to the honor roll or the naming rights or just normal acknowledgement. Another way of donation for acknowledgement, selling of ads or even support in an event correlated program or group directory is via Charity Ad Books. There are times when certified services or even products can be donated to an organization instead of money. This is known as in-kind gift.

Many nonprofits organizations as well as charities have now embraced the use of internet as a way of raising money. It is commonly referred to as online fundraising. The NSPCC, for example, runs a search engine that makes money through the Pay per click links. Better the World also runs tools that facilitate the contribution of funds through the members viewing ethical ads on a blog widget or browser sidebar. After the $1 Million Operation Share craft online campaign, Save the Children’s Dave Hartman wrote, ‘it is just the foundation of a whole new age of fundraising, as well as making use of digital technology and social media to improve the world, even if we might have reached our mark.’ In most case, it’s only been the universities and colleges conducting a number of the successful fundraising in the United States.

Great Soccer Fundraising Program- Best Soccer Fundraiser Idea for the Soccer Teams the donor base for higher learning consists of friends, alumni, companies, parents and private foundations. Gifts of valued assets are significant factors of those efforts since the tax advantage they give on the donor encourages bigger gifts. Now, this process, of soliciting valued properties is known as planned giving. The standard of development program at the higher education institutions consists of the prospect identification, prospect examination or research and proof of the prospect’s cultivation, solicitation, viability and stewardship. Stewardship simply refers to making the donors aware of how the support in the past was put into use.

Good Clean Fundraising voted Best Fundraising Program for Schools, Churches, and Youth Athletics Organizations

Good Clean Fundraising located in Fredericksburg VA is altering the way in which Churches, Non Profits, Youth Athletics and Schools do raise finances. The product, which is so basic in several shopping lists, is a liquid laundry detergent. A good number of Youth Athletics Organization and Schools have been able to raise up to more than $10,000 to $20,000. All these are just indications of the success of the laundry detergent fundraiser.

In the just ended opinion poll, the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser, a program of the Soccer Fundraiser was nominated the Best Fundraising program for Churches, Youth Athletics Organization and Schools. The company, Good clean fundraising situated in Fredericksburg VA presents a highly rated and money making fundraising program for Churches, Schools, Athletic Organizations and Youth Groups, known as the Soccer Fundraiser. Soccer Fundraiser is actually for anyone that would want a whole new idea of raising money. They sell a private brand name liquid laundry detergent produced by one of the bigger detergent producers in the United States, which is the same as the big name brand, at a part of the whole price.

Their fundraisers are in a way different from many other ones due to the fact that they majorly sell Value Priced Necessity products which neighbors, family and even parents were ALREADY headed to buy still. In the normal fundraising programs that the Youth Groups and Schools usually have, where they sell items such as cookie dough, candy and others at an expensive price, parents always have no option but to buy those items against their wish though, in a bid to stand with the institution. The most unfortunate thing is that the group that carries out this work gets lesser profit as much of it is grabbed by the company that supplies those products.

A customized order form is always issued by the Laundry Detergent Fundraising program with the logo of that particular organization in order to be published then issued out to every partaker in the fundraiser. The profit margin enables your group to keep the bigger share of the sale price. It is actually among the top best aspects of our program. The smaller groups have come to realize that just by following keenly the Soccer Fundraiser program, raising $3,000- $5,000 is very practical. This has also been confirmed by the larger ones, which in just 3 weeks were able to raise more than $25,000.

Different groups that have worked with the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser have had great achievements. The company, Good Clean Fundraising also acts as a wonderful resource and guide to make sure that the fundraiser is an absolute success. This is also another advantage of using the Laundry Detergent Fundraising program. On secrets to get utmost involvement to a Social media campaign which, through our intervention, will greatly make possible high involvement.