We are going to supply you through use of an order form which has your logo & contact info. You will obtain lots of copies of a given order form that you need & start taking orders! Your fundraiser will need to last 2-3 weeks.

  • Samples are available
  • With an order of 100 + of our gal buckets or 200+ of our gallon containers you get free shipping.
  • We have no minimum order requirements.
  • We deliver within a period of 10 day lead time from payment to delivery.
Soccer FundraiserOur liquid laundry detergent is sold in a twenty gallon pail with a pump and ships for free of charge. We purchase directly from a big detergent company that creates very High Quality detergents and fabric softeners.Our private label brand is in the region of a half of the rate of typical name brands.

Delivery Party

When the shipment arrives to distribute the buckets, you will have a delivery party.

Detergent Scents

  • Original Blue
  • High Efficiency Blue
  • Original Green
  • High Efficiency Green
  • Clear-Scent free, Dye free

Fabric Softener

  • Original Light blue
  • Original Pink